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   About the Farm

     Finding Inspiration

Olive Creek Farm sits on a portion of eighty acres purchased in 1911 by my grandparents, Otis and Ila.  My mother, Olive passed on her eleven acres  to us which is where our farm is located.  It has always been a dream of mine to preserve the legacy of my  grandparents and make the land  productive and useful.  Inspiration for this came not only from my grandparents but from other family members who were also farmers. As a result,  the seed was planted. After retiring some years ago, and with the help of my husband, L.C., and our children, family, friends, agricultural  professionals and the grace of God, Olive Creek Farm was born. Growing and selling fruits, vegetables,  herbs and flowers are the central part of our operation.  Our farm continues to evolve  and we invite you to follow our progress.

-- Gail

Home Grown Vegetables
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